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How to Prepare Food for Children With Loose Teeth

by televoxweb on Thursday, May 5, 2016 3:21 AM

    Starting around age six, kids begin losing their baby teeth and you may discuss the Tooth Fairy to make youngsters more receptive to good brushing habits so their incoming permanent teeth will more likely be cavity free. At Kids First Dentistry, our dental team often recommends a soft diet for kids with loose teeth.

    Cut Food Into Small Pieces

    Parents often wonder how to prepare food for children with loose teeth, and bring up that question during their child’s dental visits. Cutting food into smaller pieces is especially helpful for loose incisors, since those teeth chew food first.

    Thoroughly Cook Fruits and Veggies

    It’s important for people to get enough fruits and vegetables each day, especially if they’re growing children. Completely cook fruits and vegetables so they are as tender as possible. You may also want to use the back of a spoon to create a mash.

    Befriend the Blender

    Your blender may be something you ordinarily use only a few times per year, but that’ll likely change when you have a child on a soft diet. Everything from meats to produce can be blended so it’s much easier to chew, even if your child has tender gums from new teeth coming in.

    Helping a child have a healthy diet despite loose teeth can seem tough. These preparation pointers should make mealtimes much more manageable.

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