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Baby Teeth & Oral Hygiene

Posted on 1/30/2019 by Laura Epifano
Baby Teeth & Oral HygieneBringing a child into this world can be a wild and fulfilling process. With so many things to prepare for and worry about, it can be an overwhelming and exhausting time in life.

My aim is to prepare you with some facts about your child's teeth, which I hope will help you put aside some of your concerns and fears. These bite-sized chunks of knowledge may help you understand what is happening with your child's teeth.

Newborns are not toothless at birth. There is a full set of "baby teeth" hiding beneath the gum line waiting to erupt at about 3 years of age. Baby teeth are just as important as the adult set that comes in later. Baby teeth are crucial for speaking and chewing, and for holding a healthy place for the adult set to emerge from.

There are a few conditions which warrant braces on baby teeth: impacted teeth, severe over-crowding, and crossbites. Brush those baby teeth using a soft-bristled brush that is damp with warm water. Do not use toothpaste for the first year.

After your child in a year old, and with the doctor?s approval, it is okay to start using toothpaste. Start with enough toothpaste to barely cover the tip of your pinky finger. Change for a new toothbrush every 3 to 4 months or sooner as needed.

Every mouth is unique. Do not be startled by strangely shaped teeth, or even 2 sets of rows in your baby's mouth! Seeing your family dentist at regular intervals is always the best practice to ensure that everything is coming along as it should.

Approximately 20% of children grind their teeth. Do not be alarmed! The large majority of child teeth grinders cease their grinding once they reach adolescence. Drooling is actually very beneficial for a baby's mouth. Drooling keeps the gums moist and decreases inflammation.

Hopefully, after reading this, you are a little bit better prepared for all the changes that are going to occur in your child's mouth!
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