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Losing Teeth The Coming of Age Story

Posted on 6/30/2019 by Laura Epifano
Losing Teeth – The Coming of Age StoryWhen adult teeth start coming in you know your kids are growing up! It's one of those great rites of passage that everyone gets to go through.

The tooth fairy usually ends up getting involved, and kids are allowed to trade out their used up baby teeth for the deluxe models! But how does it all go down? What is the process that takes place that makes it all possible?

How it Normally Works
Everyone is born with their adult teeth just hanging out in the wings, waiting to come out. Kind of weird to think about, isn't it? It's true. So we all start with most of the teeth we will end up with. Generally, adult teeth start coming in around age 5 to 6 and are usually done coming in around 16 to 20.

The adult teeth start easing their way up into place and as they do they push the baby teeth further and further out. Baby teeth will start to get loose and in a few weeks they will usually come out on their own or with a slight tug.

Sometimes it Doesn't Go to Plan
Sometimes, adult teeth just miss the mark and come in near the baby tooth. Sometimes they will come in and push the baby tooth out of the way but leave it in the mouth. These kind of things happen all the time.

Everything Will be Fine!
Everything is going to be alright. If your child expresses concern, or doesn't know what to think, it can be fun to look at picture of sharks mouths and see the similarities! In all seriousness we are well versed in this kind of issue and more than happy to remove the baby teeth.

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