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How to Create a Fun, Interactive Experience Out of Brushing and Flossing with Kids

Posted on 8/20/2019 by Laura Epifano
How to Create a Fun, Interactive Experience Out of Brushing and Flossing with KidsFrom the time toothbrushes and floss were invented, parents have struggled to get their kids to brush and floss on a regular basis. Part of this is probably due to boredom: admittedly, brushing and flossing is probably not very entertaining to most kids.

Another common reason for the struggle is ignorance. Most kids simply do not understand why it matters so much whether they take the time to properly brush and floss.

By changing your approach to oral hygiene routines, you can help your child begin to share your zeal for proper tooth care. Here are a few things you should consider when it's time to help your child clean his or her teeth.

Try to Explain the Reasoning on a Child's Level

Using words like “bacteria” and “plaque buildup” is unlikely to do much for your child except draw a blank stare. Instead, explain to him or her that there are yucky germs that live in his or her mouth. By properly cleaning the teeth, he or she can chase those germs away for a little bit, helping to make his or her teeth happy.

By simply adapting your explanation to your child's maturity level, you can help him or her to become more interested in proper dental hygiene.

Make a Game
Another option is to give your child a plaque disclosing tablet. Readily available at the grocery store or on the Internet, these tablets leave a red stain on any plaque on your child's teeth.

Have your child brush and floss, then make a challenge out of it: if the tablet leaves any plaque behind, you win, but if the teeth are truly clean, your child wins. You can even award him or her small prizes for winning the game.

Helping your child care about dental hygiene is important. By following these tips, you can help create good tooth care habits.
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