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How to React if Your Child Gets a Toothache

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Laura Epifano
How to React if Your Child Gets a ToothacheIs your child suffering and complaining about a toothache? Discover different ways on how you can assist your child by alleviating their pain and agony.

It's important to point out that toothaches in children and adults are pretty standard. However, many at times children do not understand why their teeth may be causing them too much pain.

On many occasions, toothaches occur when erosion or decay saturates the pulp's delicate part. This region is usually filled with various blood vessels and sensitive nerves, which will react to the invasion by generating piercing pain.

While minor toothache in children tends to disappear on their own, we usually inform many of our clients that cavities are generally a sign of an underlying dental problem. Thus, whenever it occurs, they should visit us as soon as possible.

Common causes of toothache

There are several reasons why your child may experience a toothache. A toothache might signify several dental concerns, including eroded gums or tooth enamel, a lost or loose filling, incoming teeth, tooth decay, trapped food which may cause their teeth to shift and broken, chipped or cracked teeth.

Treatment for toothaches

If your child is either refusing to brush or floss their teeth, then the chances are that he/she may be suffering from a toothache. When dealing with children, you need always to exercise compassion, especially when they are experiencing some pain because they tend to feel frightened and uncomfortable with the pain.

While you can help them to relieve their pain by asking them to rinse their mouth with salt or by applying ice packs, the only way to completely relieve the pain is by bringing your child to our practice. It's essential to establish the cause of the pain, and we can always achieve that thorough dental examination.
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