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Signs Your Child May Have Sensitive Teeth

Posted on 10/30/2019 by Laura Epifano
Signs Your Child May Have Sensitive TeethIf your child passes on cold or hot drinks because they are aware that it will make their teeth hurt, then its chances are your child may be having sensitive teeth. Many at times, other things may aggravate them, including sour foods, sugars, and even cold air.

Before you can have those twinges treated, it's essential to understand what may be causing them. Once you have managed to point out the causal effect, then you can always find a solution. While children experience a different type of sensitivity, on many occasions, there is usually a definite cause.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Some of the most common causes of sensitive teeth include cracked teeth, tooth decay, localized infection, or an accident. If your child cleans their teeth with a heavy hand, then they might be removing more than just plaque.

Many at times, side to side brushing may make their enamel disappear much faster. Instead, they should be using a soft, bristle brush. On top of that, they should also learn how to work at an angle of 45 degrees to keep their enamel healthy and clean.

Sticky candy, soda, and high sugar carbs will always attack the enamel. Instead, you should always provide your children with vegetables and fiber, rich fruits, milk, cheese, and plain yogurt. Apart from moistening their mouth, these meal options will also fight bacteria and acid from their mouth.

If your child is suffering from severely sensitive teeth, then we will recommend a root canal. It's essential to ensure that your child adheres to dental care even when their teeth are hurting. Ask your child to floss and brush their teeth at least twice a day. On top of that, you should bring your child for a checkup at least twice every year.
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