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How Long Should Sealants in a Child's Mouth Last?

Posted on 11/25/2019 by Laura Epifano
How Long Should Sealants in a Child's Mouth Last?Even for individuals with a severe dental hygiene routine, they still can be at risk of developing cavities. There are certain people who happen to be susceptible to dental cavities mainly because of the structure and the shape of their mouth.

If we notice that someone in your family is susceptible to advanced decay, then we will recommend dental sealants to help keep their teeth healthy. Some of the common concerns that we face include how long do sealants last and whether the application of sealants is painful.

Why Dental Sealants

On many occasions, we will not recommend dental sealants to all of our patients. Instead, we will reserve them to individuals who are susceptible to cavities such as young kids, especially those with milk teeth and teens. Dental sealants are designed in such a manner that they fill the grooves and pits of the molars. Grooves and pits usually trap bacteria and therefore a build-up of bacteria over time will result in cavities.

How Long Should Dental Sealants Last?

With proper care, dental sealants should last up to 10 years in your child's mouth. Instead of having them removed, sealants will wear over time. Once we have applied sealants in your child's mouth, we will then be checking them each time you bring your child for cleaning. If we notice that the sealants are wearing faster than usual, then we will reapply the sealants once more.

If you are not sure whether dental sealants are the right fit for your child, then you should consult with us during your next visit so that we can advise you accordingly. As long as your child is the right candidate, then dental sealants will be an excellent solution for fighting off cavities and also keeping your smile healthy.
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