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3 Free Brushing Apps That Could Help Motivate Your Child to Brush More!

Posted on 1/30/2020 by Laura Epifano
3 Free Brushing Apps That Could Help Motivate Your Child to Brush More!Getting your child to brush for the required two-minute period can seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, there is plenty of help out there for parents just like you.

One thing that you might consider is using one of the many free apps that can help cause your child to take more interest in proper brushing habits. Here are three apps that you might find to be helpful.


The Toothsavers app combines distractions to help your child reach two minutes with an ongoing storyline about saving the kingdom. They can become the hero of the day by eliminating the spell that casts cavities on otherwise healthy teeth. This app is good for kids who have a short attention span, as the lively stories can be a welcome distraction from the seemingly dull routine of brushing.

Disney Magic Timer
Leave it to Disney to come up with an app that kids will just love. The Disney Magic Timer app takes the approach of slowly unveiling various characters from the Disney and Marvel worlds. As the child continues to brush, more heroes are revealed. By taking this approach, the Disney Magic Timer app helps your child reach the two-minute mark with less boredom than he or she might otherwise exhibit.

The BrushyTime app features a pirate and his parrot. While your child brushes his or her teeth, the pirate (and parrot) spend the time talking with them, making the two minutes pass more quickly. Because many children simply have a short attention span, getting them to brush for two minutes can seem like an impossible order. However, with BrushyTime, the time will pass quickly for both you and your child.

Using technology to help in the brushing process will make toothbrushing easier for everyone. Consider one of these apps, and see how it helps.
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