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My Child Lost a Permanent Tooth, Are Implants an Option?

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Kids First Pediatric Dentistry
My Child Lost a Permanent Tooth, Are Implants an Option?Dental implants are an excellent way to restore a smile, but what if that smile belongs to a child? Are implants an option? Your child has a growing mouth and although we do want to help you restore your child's smile, dental implants may not be the best option.

Beautiful Smile

It is always a difficult thing to see your child suffer from a missing tooth, whether they lost it due to a sport injury, decay or some other trauma, we want to help you care for your child and restore their smile. Dental implants are a permanent way to replace a missing tooth. A rod is implanted directly into the jawbone and then a prosthetic tooth is then attached to the rod, thus making it a permanent implant.

While this is an excellent solution for an adult who needs to restore their smile, it is not a viable option for children. Children grow, and this includes their mouth. Their jawbones and facial muscles continue to grow until they reach adulthood, sometime in their early 20s. Dental implants in a mouth that is not fully developed can actually cause more harm than good.

If your child has a dental implant before their jaw has completely hardened and stopped growing, the implant can shift causing misalignment in the other permanent teeth, a misaligned bite and unnecessary wear on the other teeth.

If you do find your child or yourself in a situation where you have a dental emergency, such as a broken or lost tooth, please call us immediately. We can assess the damage and begin restoring the smile right away. Dental bridges can be used in lieu of dental implants until your child is ready to explore a permanent replacement when they are grown. We hope you never need our emergency services, but if you do, we are here for you!
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