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Sugary Drinks - Your Kid's Worst Enemy! Yes, Even Juice!

Posted on 3/15/2020 by Kids First Pediatric Dentistry
Sugary Drinks – Your Kid's Worst Enemy! Yes, Even Juice!We get asked all the time, “What can I do to keep my kids teeth healthy?” Of course there is the obvious stuff like helping them to form healthy oral hygiene habits, but what else? Diet is probably the biggest downfall of oral health in kids today. Sugary foods and drinks encourage the kind of bacterial growth that cavities thrive on.

What are the Biggest Cavity Culprits?

When it comes to giving kids cavities the list of offending foods and drinks is pretty long. Everything that is marketed to kids has sugar in it and even a lot of the stuff that is marketed to adults does too. So, of this impressively large laundry list of things that are responsible for the most cavities we see in children here are the worst in no particular order:

•  Soda
•  Juice (100% Natural too)
•  Candy
•  Sports drinks
•  Drink powders

Notice a pattern? Good! Sugary drinks and juice are the leading offenders when it comes to your kid's cavities. Candy isn't great either. Even watered down juices and sugary drinks are a big problem. It really becomes a problem when the child is sipping on a sugary drink for a good portion of the day. During this period the bacteria just build up and up and the problem compounds.

Why are kids so drawn to sugar? Aside from the body's biological drive to accumulate fat reserves kids are able to appreciate sugar more fully than adults. There is almost no upper limit on how sweet something can be to the palate of a child.

What's the Solution?

Cutting down on the sugary drinks and candies won't make you the most popular parent with your kids but it will go a long way to ensure that their teeth will stay healthy!
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