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Kids Learn Positive Dental Choices by Example

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Kids First Pediatric Dentistry
Kids Learn Positive Dental Choices by ExampleChildren are amazing and they also bring a lot of joy and happiness into our lives. A child's mind is very malleable. If you want them to learn something and never forget it, this is the opportune time before they create habits of their own. From the time they are toddlers, they learn by observing and doing as their parents or guardians are doing. The same principle also applies when it comes to dental hygiene. As the child continues to grow, the emphasis you place on yourself when it comes to maintaining your dental hygiene is likely the same your child will also have. That is why it's important to teach by example about positive dental choices and the importance of taking care of your teeth. Here are a few positive choices your children can learn from you.

Brushing Teeth Twice Daily

From when the children are at a tender age, it's crucial to make sure that they know how important it is to brush your teeth every day. You can do this by making sure the child sees you brushing your teeth every day. In fact, you can brush your teeth together before bed and show them how it's done!

Seeing A Dentist Regularly

Children come up with the notion that dentists are harsh from cartoons and other media sources. However, if from a young age the child can see you go to the dentist and come out alright, then they won't have the fear of seeing a doctor or resisting trips to the dentist's office! You can even decide to let your child come in with you to see the dentists so that they become familiar faces to the child; i.e. someone the child can trust.

These among other practices such as flossing every day, not eating a lot of starches and sugary items are lessons our children can learn from us. If they adopt these practices when they are little, you can be guaranteed that they won't abandon them as they grow up.
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