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Children and Dental Hygiene
Posted on 2/28/2019 by Laura Epifano
Many first-time parents wonder how to best care for their children's Dental Hygiene. Educating children, and first-time parents, on the merits of positive oral hygiene can never be started too early. A child whose teeth have not yet come in should have the exterior of their mouths cleaned after every feeding. Once the first tooth makes itself known, it is time to begin brushing! There are some best practices for brushing these first teeth: Teaching a child to floss and brush is no walk in the park, but the benefits of starting good oral hygiene habits at an early age are priceless! By instructing a child in the importance of this beneficial behavior at an early age, parents are laying the groundwork for the child to become a responsible adult with excellent oral hygiene!...

Can Kids Struggle with Bruxism?
Posted on 2/20/2019 by Laura Epifano
Believe it or not, even children can struggle with bruxism during sleep or when they are under stress. What is bruxism? It's the medical term for grinding of the teeth or excessive clenching of the jaws. While no one is sure why children struggle with bruxism from time to time, it's an important issue that you need to address with us, your child's dentist. Why Bruxism?In some children, bruxism is caused by a misalignment of the teeth, or a reaction to pain such as an ear infection, teething or sore throat. The motion of teeth grinding can alleviate some of the pain, similar to the way rubbing a sore muscle lessens the discomfort. These causes are easily remedied and most children grow out of it quickly. Stress is another thing to consider if you notice your child grinding his or her teeth. Nervous tension, worries about school or home and even fighting with siblings, parents or friends can trigger your child into bruxism. Children who suffer from ADHD, or another...

Baby Teeth
Posted on 1/30/2019 by Laura Epifano
Bringing a child into this world can be a wild and fulfilling process. With so many things to prepare for and worry about, it can be an overwhelming and exhausting time in life. My aim is to prepare you with some facts about your child's teeth, which I hope will help you put aside some of your concerns and fears. These bite-sized chunks of knowledge may help you understand what is happening with your child's teeth. Newborns are not toothless at birth. There is a full set of "baby teeth" hiding beneath the gum line waiting to erupt at about 3 years of age. Baby teeth are just as important as the adult set that comes in later. Baby teeth are crucial for speaking and chewing, and for holding a healthy place for the adult set to emerge from. There are a few conditions which warrant braces on baby teeth: impacted teeth, severe over-crowding, and crossbites. Brush those baby teeth using a soft-bristled brush that is damp with warm water. Do not use toothpaste for the...
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