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Let's talk about the First Tooth Your Child Has
Posted on 10/30/2018 by Kids First Pediatric Dentistry
Infant dental care is important from the very beginning. While most babies don't begin to get their teeth until around six months old, it's never too early to start learning good dental hygiene. Practicing excellent dental habits from an early age will set your child up for a life complimented by a healthy smile and a good attitude. So how do you start implementing good habits at such an early age? We're glad you asked! Good Habits From the Very Beginning Establishing good oral hygiene at an early age is a paramount step in living a healthy life. From birth, we'd like to encourage you to daily care for your infant's mouth. Simply take a damp washcloth or gauze pad and use it to wipe down your baby's gums. Not only will this clear the mouth of any bacteria, it will help your baby become accustomed to the daily practice of brushing his/her teeth. Once the first tooth pops in, introduce your baby to a small toothbrush. Brush twice a day with just a small...

Addressing Dental Anxiety in Children
Posted on 10/15/2018 by Kids First Pediatric Dentistry
Going to the dentist has been a general childhood fear of most of ours for as long as dentists have existed. Some children power through and eventually lose most of their unease as they mature. Some become phobic and dental care becomes a traumatic necessity that they put off as they become adults. Studies show that our dental health is very much tied to our overall physical health, so an adult who avoids getting dental care may be harming themselves in a much bigger way than they think. How We Can Help While it may be easier to just tell your child that this is a part of life and they need to learn to deal with it, that is highly unhelpful for the majority and leaves them feeling helpless and alone in their fear. They need your support and here are a few ways you can be an empowering superhero to them: As always, if we can help with your child's dental anxiety in any way, please call our office. We're here to help!...
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