Emergency Dental Care for Kids

As parents ourselves, we understand that accidents can happen. When the need to see an emergency dentist arises, the first thing to remember is not to panic! Remember to focus on treating your child's dental emergency quickly and effectively.

Broken Tooth

Teeth can be incredibly strong, but they can still chip, break or crack (fracture). Remember, treating a broken tooth at home is not an option; you need to see our doctors at Kids First Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics as soon as possible!

Sore Tooth

Is your child experiencing tooth pain? Does it hurt to chew or when air touches their tooth? The first step to take if your child is suffering with a persistent toothache (for longer than a day or two) is to call Kids First to schedule an exam. During your appointment, our doctors will likely x-ray your child's tooth to help determine if a cavity, crack, abscess or other problem is causing the pain. We will then discuss treatment options with you and your child.

Dental Trauma From an Oral Accident

The first few moments after an oral accident are vital in determining if your child's recovery will go smoothly. Dental trauma due to an accident, such as motor vehicle accident, fall, sports injury or physical altercation, is common. If your child has experienced an oral accident resulting in a tooth being knocked loose, we can help.

What to Do If a Tooth is Knocked Out

If a permanent tooth is completely knocked out, be sure to keep it moist at all times, and handle it as little as possible. Pick the tooth up by the crown, not the root. Never scrub or remove any tissue. Next, try to place the tooth back in the socket without touching the root. If this is too painful, you can place it between your cheek and gums. If this is too painful, try a container of milk or water. The key is to prevent the tooth from drying out. Once you have taken the proper precautions, call Kids First immediately to schedule an emergency appointment.

Kids First stands ready to treat all types of dental emergencies. If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment for your child due to a dental emergency, please call our office today!